Reading Room is a nomadic and collectively run portable bookcase and reference library on wheels, with an emphasis on small press. We have a cumulative and shifting collection of artist publications, zines, essays, books, poetry, and one-off printed matter, as well as site- or event- specific shelves.

The form and content of Reading Room provides a space for meeting, learning, and the exploration of the library. Reading Room is concerned with the function, aesthetic and user culture of library collections in the age of digital information, and their development in an austerity-stricken future.

We have no permanent home, so look out for us at an event near you…

Who are we?

Ishwari Bhalerao

Interdisciplinary artist
attempting to activate/articulate/consider/distort/embody/locate/perform/politicise/reiterate/subvert/question
forms of navigation through
familial/familiar, institutional/intuitional, spatial/social


Sally Plowman

Trying to have fun, always loitering and plotting and scheming. I make performances, drawings and comics about clowns, infatuation, adolescence, soft things, chemistry between people, not understanding, clichés and the bit before a story.


Leonie Rousham

I like people and I like places.
I enjoy going on walks.. . . Journeying. . .
Moving through digital and physical fabrics, attempting to construct collective imaginaries and ecologies. To put it crassly, to put it vaguely, or, to not put it at all. . .
I enjoy the crossover between art-history-politics-memory-fiction and everything that falls into the undetermined spaces in between.


Bea Macdonald


Special thanks to Ellie Hayward for helping build and design Reading Room!